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Frequently Asked Questions

Poweriix is the natural energy boost that combines super fruit extracts and a proprietary blend of natural stimulants that naturally sharpens concentration, elevates mood and gives a boost of energy. The name of Poweriix is now Amplifii, however the product and formula is exactly the same.

No, it does not contain taurine.

No, unlike energy drinks and supplements, Poweriix does not have a "crash" period after your body processes it. The ingredients are specifically combined to increase energy without causing the famous crash hours later, working with your body to increase energy naturally. It also contains no sugar like most energy drinks and supplements.

Yes! In fact, athletic customers consume it instead of chemical "pre-workouts" for natural energy before and during their workout. Poweriix contains a very potent combination of antioxidant-packed super fruits, which have the ability to effectively neutralize free radicals and not only improve your athletic performance, but also your recovery.

There is no problem in having one or two alcoholic drinks while taking Poweriix. However, you should be aware that if you take Poweriix and drink more than one or two alcoholic drinks, you may counteract the depressant effect of alcohol. This may make you not realize that you are consuming too much alcohol. The reason we are concerned about this possibility is because of the increasing use of energy drinks with alcohol. Even though Poweriix is not going to be as serious a problem with alcohol as energy drinks are, you still need to be cautious about how much alcohol you are actually consuming.

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